Free Virtual Telephone Number UK

Free Virtual Telephone Number UK

Telephone numbers can be managed by The Office of Communications in the UK. Ofcom created a system to assign numbers to subscribers stations. Numbers can vary in length. They do not have to be geographical. These numbers can be transferred between providers Call Nation and Prepaid Mall. The United Kingdom has five different area codes 705 area code and 726 area codeLondon has (020), the code that indicates the highest population. Northern Ireland uses (020), the code for the largest area. Even though they are not part of the UK, three British Crown Dependencies (Guernsey Jersey or the Isle of Man), are included in the UK numbering plan. UK geo telephone numbers always include 9-10 digits in the middle of the +44 international dialing prefix.

Four-digit area codes

Four-digit area numbers are either subscriber names of six digits or a combination of subscriber names of five and six. This format is most commonly used for most areas. Access numbers (or DIDs) are also known as. They can forward calls to one or more preprogrammed numbers. This virtual number can act as a gateway between traditional phone calls (PSTN) and VoIP phone calls (VoIP). Subscribers can use their existing smartphones without the need to purchase new hardware. Wide range of software options.


A Virtual private telephone number forwards an incoming call to one of a set numbers. It is possible to use virtual telephone numbers to forward calls according to the hour. Calls received between 9 and 5 on work days will be delivered directly to your workplace. Weekend calls will go straight to your phone. The regulation of the issuing authority will regulate the use and availability of virtual numbers. The virtual number is available almost from all voice-overIP providers. They have a higher rate per minute. Area Code 500/Area Code 533 are following my numbers according to the North American Numbering Plan. These numbers are known under Personal Communications Service. The United Kingdom has over 600 area and local codes 01,02 numbers. These numbers are also possible be converted into virtual numbers. You will try this website’s free virtual number provider and click it.

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